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Sisk & Company has developed PetroDocs as an information clearinghouse resource for safety related topics specific to the oil and gas industry. Currently this site contains over 650 documents with nearly 5000 pages of text, presentations, reprints, and editable safety programs covering topics of interest and value to the oil patch. Access to PetroDocs is gained through membership to the Mountain States Energy Alliance (MSEA) or a paid annual subscription. Additional safety services are available on a fee basis.

At Sisk & Company we provide insurance products, safety services, safety training and other resources relevant to the energy industry. We are committed to oil field safety and to assisting and supporting contractors in this industry with their safety and loss prevention programs.

For more information on PetroDocs, the Mountain States Energy Alliance (MSEA) or Sisk & Co., please contact any of us at: 303-831-7100 or 888-333-6620.

Dave Tacha, Trevor Gilstrap, Tom Harper, Zach Anderson, Tara Crisp (Safety)

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The Mountain States Energy Alliance

The Mountain States Energy Alliance (MSEA) is the largest consortium of oil and gas contractors in the Rocky Mountain Region dedicated to improving safety conditions and awareness in the oil patch. Managed by Sisk & Co., the MSEA provides a multitude of safety services, oil and gas specific risk management, discounted Safeland training and access to aggressively priced workers’ compensation insurance rates. Our services and intimate knowledge of the unique risks your company and employees face every day set us apart as the premier choice for a long-term, trusted partnership in the oil patch.